MUTHEL series of advanced torque products are widely used in petroleum and natural gas, petrochemical, metallurgical, mining, aviation and manufacturing industries all over the world. Since its entry into China, Wivor Industry has cooperated with Guangzhou Wivor to establish a sales, after-sales and technology research and development center.

Guangzhou Wivor Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is responsible for the marketing, calibration and after-sales service of Wivor industrial products. At the same time, we can design, install and debug schemes that meet the sepcial requirements according to customers. Wivor Industry authorizes Guangzhou Wivor Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. to provide after-sales service and customized service with core products in Hong Kong and Taiwan of China. Wivor Industry is engaged in serving China's mining, petroleum, transportation, aviation, power, industrial assembly and other industries. Our aim is to provide complete assembly tool solutions and promote enterprise development. We always adhere to the principle of customer first and serve customers. At the same time, the company has a perfect after-sales service system, which can serve customers in all directions.