The MUTHEL brand of Wivor Industries was originally mainly hydraulic tool products. Provide a series of hydraulic tools and pumps. From 2015, Guangzhou Wivor Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. formally adopted "Muxiu" as the official name of MUTHEL's brand in China.

At the same time, Wivor Industry authorized Guangzhou Wivor Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. to start integrating the domestic torque product line. The original series including pneumatic torque wrench, electric torque wrench, charging torque wrench, E series of electronic precision control torque wrench, tightening shaft, measuring equipment, etc. are all integrated into MUTHEL brand operation.

MUTHEL also provides a series of tightening axles and torque tightening screw batches for assembly line. Provide more applicable solutions for customers.

The original series of products of Wivor Industry continue to provide products and OEM services to users under the Ruidou brand.


Wivor Industries sells products that conform to the highest international standards.