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    The BCS servo barring gear system series is actuated by an AC servo torque system using a new generation of digital technology. It consists of Wivor's BCS controller, high torque drive shaft, and barring gear, supporting both manual and automatic barring gear.

    The BCS supports barring gear starting torques from a maximum of 500 NM to 4000 NM. The control system and drive shaft can be removed separately. The control system consists of a drive shaft with a weight of only 10KG-20KG. The mechanical part of the barring gear machine contains only 50-60kg of tooling. It is suitable for overhaul of various narrow station steam turbines.

    Industry applications

    • Wind power industry: generator set
    • Nuclear power industry: generator set

    Main function

    • Set the running speed of the barring gear
    • Online shifting
    • Torque monitoring
    • Extreme torque alarm and emergency stop
    • Real-time monitoring of the barring gear
    • Double support of manual and automatic
    • Support Chinese operation interface
    • Precision ±5%, repeatability ±2%
    • Statistics of baring gear running result
    • Support multiple protocols such as MODBUS
    • Support USB disk
    • Support for extended wireless capabilities