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    BM-L,BM-LP/BM-LP-TC(PRO)CNC brushless series: product introduction

    Brushless rechargeable torque wrench BM-L series can be suitable for a variety of application environments, to achieve uninterrupted work in the mobile state.

    The gearboxes of this series of torque wrenches are light and precise design with have digital adjustment function, which can output torque and display working state better. It can work effectively without power supply, and the torque output precision reaches ± 4%, repeatability ± 2% and are lighter, smaller, and more power efficient.

    BM-LP (PRO) supports data functions ,wireless transmission transmission (Bluetooth or WIFI), corner function (optional), and turning function.

    Combined with the high-precision planetary gear mechanism of the high-speed system, the Muthel rechargeable BM series is one of the world's lightest and fastest rechargeable torque products.

    BM-L,BM-LP/BM-LP-TC(PRO)CNC brushless series: Main function

    • Use a brushless motor to eliminate the need of replacing the carbon brush
    • Digital adjustment and display of torque and wrench operating status parameters
    • Multi-mode adjustment, torque digital adjustment or 1 to 99 gear adjustment torque
    • Programmable preset 10 common output torques or gear positions
    • Torque of any value can be set within the torque range
    • Multi-pole gearbox for high reliability and high stability
    • Automatic two-speed clutch transmission gearbox, speed is 3-5 times of the standard series *H
    • User (operator, administrator) hierarchical function management
    • Buzzer promt for factory environments
    • Tightening result simulation judge follow-up function
    • Background torque calibration function software compensation function
    • Anti-counteractive arm locks for unloading
    • Temperature monitoring function for wrench overheating
    • Battery monitoring, compensation
    • Torque overload limit function
    • High capacity air-cooled battery, fast charge charger
    • Precision ±4%, repeatability ±2%, optional national metrology institute metering optional
    • Support for larger capacity air-cooled lithium battery 5.2AH or 8.0AH with higher performance
    • Standard counteractive arm, optional custom counteractive arm
    • Support for installation of lifting system, safer operation at high altitude
    • Support native log, support USB read log *P
    • Optional Bluetooth module or WIFI module, torque gateway system, transparent connection *P
    • Optional bolt tightening data upload (upload format definition), optional corner + angle mode *P
    • *H: High speed system - planetary gear system with automatic shifting clutch function

    BM-L、BM-LP/BM-LP-TC(PRO)CNC brushless series: Config

    • BM-BL series rechargeable brushless torque wrench
    • Standard counteractive arm, optional integral, right angleform, etc.
    • Clasp
    • 18 volt rechargeable battery
    • Optional 5.2AH/8.0AH lithium battery
    • Charger
    • Operation Manual
    • Torque calibration certificate, optional national metrologyinstitute tools above the provincial level
    • All-weather high-grade suitcase with optionalhigh-strength toolbox
    • Customizable counteractive arm
    • Optional lifting system
    • Optional Bluetooth module*P
    • Optional WIFI module *P
    • Optional Torque Gateway *P
    • Optional corner + angle mode *P

    BM-L、BM-LP/BM-LP-TC(PRO)CNC brushless series: More product

    • Note: BM-L, BM-LP is W1, A1, and BM-LP-TC is W2, A2

      Note: Size D and weight do not include battery part, 4.0AH and 5.2AH battery is 0.7Kg. Size E increase 57mm. The speed is the maximum speed without load. The manufacturer shall prevail if some models are finely adjusted. The commonly used working torque for the selection should be less than 80% of the maximum torque of the equipment. The BM-LP and BM-L-l icon parameters are the same. -B/W supports Bluetooth or WIFI. The BM-LP-TC and BM-L icon parameters are the same.

    Dimension drawing