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    Rechargeable Torque Wrench BM-D\BM-DP Series: product introduction

    CNC charging torque wrench - classic BM-D, advanced BM-DP PRO series can be suitable for a variety of application environments, to achieve uninterrupted work under the mobile state.

    The gear box of this series torque wrench is designed with lightweight precision and digital adjustment function, which can better output torque and display working status, and can work effectively even without power supply, and the torque output accuracy reaches 4% and the repeatability 2%. Lighter, smaller, and more power-efficient.

    The BM-DP PRO is more capable of wireless data transmission, data storage and other Internet of things functions.

    With the precision planetary gear mechanism of the high-speed system, MUTHEL digital BM-D and BM-DP series are lightweight, high-speed and intelligent charging torque products.

    Rechargeable Torque Wrench BM-D\BM-DP Series: Main function

    • Digital adjustment and display torque and wrench working status parameters
    • Various adjustment methods, torque digital 1NM adjustment or 1 to 99 gear adjustment torque
    • Programmable preset 10 commonly used output torque or gear
    • Torque wrench can be used in the range of any number of torque Settings
    • Multi-pole gearbox for high reliability and stability
    • User (operator, administrator,Super user) hierarchical function management
    • The buzzer prompt is more direct
    • Support switching between Chinese and English
    • Tightening result judgment function
    • Automatic double speed clutch gearbox with higher speed*H
    • Torque overload limiting function
    • Torque value of locking and loosening can be recommended according to bolt strength grade and size*
    • Background torque calibration software compensation function
    • High capacity lithium battery with air cooling function
    • Wrench overheating temperature monitoring function
    • Battery monitoring, compensation, motor temperature compensation, dynamic torque compensation
    • Accuracy 4%, repeatability 2%, national metrology institute metrological certification optional
    • Support bolt dotting log record, support USB to read log*P
    • Carbon brush replacement reminder function
    • Anti-reaction force arm locking, unloading function
    • Torque is wider*P
    • Optional wireless transmission function, optional bluetooth,WIFI*P

    Rechargeable Torque Wrench BM-D\BM-DP Series: Config

    • BM-D,BM-DP Series charging torque wrench
    • Standard reaction arm, optional integral, rectangular form and other forms
    • Snap ring
    • 18-volt rechargeable battery, charger
    • Available with 5.2 or high performance 8.0AH lithium battery
    • Operation manual
    • Torque calibration certificate, national metrology institute at provincial level or above
    • All-weather premium suitcase with optional high-strength toolbox
    • Customizable reaction arm
    • Optional lifting system
    • Optional wireless transmission function, optional bluetooth,WIFI*P
    • Support a variety of operation modes, as well as automatic release of the counterforce arm function, higher precision.
    • Added support for wireless transmission over the classic Bluetooth transmission (optional) Upload function (optional)。 Support for data functions, higher precision.

    BM-D/BM-DP Series

    • Note: the size D and weight do not include the battery part, 5.2AH battery 0.7kg. Size E increase 57mm. The speed is the maximum speed without load. Selection of common working torque should be below 80% of the maximum torque of the equipment. Bm-dp and bm-d icon parameters are the same, and bm-dh and bm-dph icon parameters are the same. -B/W supports bluetooth or WIFI, data function

    BM-DAP, BM-DAP -P (Pro) low torque products, torque screwdrivers

    • Note: *P supports data transmission and wireless transmission functions. Other parameters are the same as the DAP series. The DAP series supports the gear adjustment torque function, and the DAP-P supports the torque adjustment function.

    Dimension drawing