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    VM-D、VM-DP Series Electric Torque Wrench: product introduction

    The VM-D series is a new generation of digitally controlled electric torque wrenches and can be started with standard power and meets the requirements of high precision, high strength and safe operation.

    The VM series uses a planetary gear reduction system with a high power output ratio to make the device lighter.

    The VM series uses a color control panel to precisely set the torque and provides a smooth, continuous torque control output through a high-performance digital control module.

    VM-DP is a high-end version with data storage transfer and wireless transmission of Bluetooth or WIFI.

    VM-D、VM-DP Series Electric Torque Wrench: Main function

    • Use the CNC board for target torque setting and digital display, torque adjustment to 1Nm increase and decrease
    • 10-gear quick adjustment function of preset
    • Convenient adjustment mode with supporting gear adjustment mode, suitable for construction environment
    • Bolt torque comparison table mode, easy to find the correct torque
    • Gain adjustment function for quick adjustment of the in-position torque
    • Extremely excellent power-to-weight ratio, wider torque range. Lighter and smaller
    • Automatic reset anti-seize counteractive arm function for easier operation
    • User (operator, administrator) hierarchical function management
    • Support third-party intelligent proofreading torque, use software to adjust gain hardware compensation, extend tool life
    • The torque value of locking and loosening can be recommended according to the strength grade and size of the bolt, and the reference value can be modified to conform to the actual working condition.
    • The power supply voltage regulator unit and input voltage rectification feedback control function can restrain the fluctuation of power grid input voltage and improve torque precision.
    • Precision ±5%, repeatability ±2%
    • Follow-up monitoring of tightening results (failed, success, uncompleted)
    • Optional Bluetooth module or WIFI module, torque gateway system, transparent connection *P
    • Optional bolt tightening data upload (upload format definition) *P

    BENT-SHAPED CNC electric torque wrench

    Digital display screen main interface

    • The LCD display allows the operator to navigate through the menus on the device.
    • Target torque, torque unit, currently selected preset (if applicable), tool model and general tool status are displayed on the LCD screen.
    • The user can operate through the three navigation buttons located below the LCD screen.
    • The up arrow is used to preset up/increase the torque value. The down arrow is used to preset down/decrease the torque value.
    • The center button is used to access the main menu

    VM-D/DP,VM-DA/DPA Series: Config

    • Electric torque wrench
    • Standard counteractive arm, optional integral, right angle form, etc.
    • Clasp
    • Operation Manual
    • Torque calibration certificate, optional national measurement institute above provincial level
    • All-weather high-grade suitcase with optional high-strength toolbox
    • Voltage regulator system
    • Optional lifting system
    • Optional wireless transmission, optional Bluetooth, WIFI*P

    VM-D/DP,VM-DA/DPA Series: More product

    Dimension drawing