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    Pneumatic Torque Series: product introduction

    Pneumatic gun-type torque wrench PNX series is used in industrial environments requiring precision and high-volume loading and unloading.

    The precise high-speed gearbox design can achieve stable and strong continuous output torque and suitable for high efficiency occasions.

    The PNX uses a precise marathon motor to ensure that the air motor output performance remains normal for long periods of time.

    The PNX series can supply standard long guns and high speed series according to the customer needs.

    Pneumatic Torque Series: Main function

    • Extremely excellent power-to-weight ratio. Wider torque range for multiple stations.
    • The use of multi-pole gearboxes with uncompetitive reliability and constant speed and stable output.
    • Gun-type design, conforms to the human body mechanics and is lighter.
    • Torque output in positive and negative
    • Low noise, non-impact output torque
    • Precision ±5%, repeatability ±2% (requires correct air supply pressure and air volume)

    Pneumatic Torque Series: More product

    • Note: in case of slight adjustment of some models and specifications, the manufacturer’s supply shall prevail, and the common working torque for model selection shall be less than 80% of the maximum torque of the equipment.

    Dimension drawing

    Torque Matching Tool

      the aluminum alloy basket is optional.

      Standard basket

      • counteractive arm
      • Retention ring
      • Pneumatic triple piece
      • 1/2" air supply hose
      • Pneumatic torque comparison table
      • High-strength portable basket (optional)
      • Optional high strength toolbox

    Pneumatic Torque Series: Provide design to customize anti-arm service

    • Extension rod for pneumatic wrench

      Please contact the engineering department for custom-counteractive arm-adapter-assisted arm-reversing mechanism-socket-torque tester to meet your exclusive needs.