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    • Muxiu Pneumatic R Series Gun Torque Pneumatic Tightening Spanner adopts standard pneumatic motor and high precision planetary gear box. It is light in weight, cost effective and suitable for high efficiency maintenance occasions.。

    Matching Tools: Use Introduction

    Matching Tools: Main function

    • Extremely excellent power-weight ratio. Wider torque range
    • With multipole gearbox, there is no competitive reliability. Uniform and stable output
    • Gun design, in line with human mechanics, more portable
    • Equal torque output in forward and reverse directions
    • Low noise, non-impact output torque
    • Accuracy (+5%) and repeatability (+2%)
    • Extremely high cost performance ratio

    Pneumatic Torque Wrench R Series: More product

    • * No. 1 Torque range has bent-shaped type, R-A is bent-shaped series, please contact for specific parameters.

      Note: If some models and specifications are slightly adjusted, the manufacturer’s supply shall prevail. The common working torques for type selection shall be less than 80% of the maximum torques of the equipment. * No. 1 corresponding torque can provide bent-shaped type. It require correct supply pressure and gas volume.

    Dimension drawing