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    The EBM S series is an AC servo tightening shaft with a new generation of digital technology. The EBM S is one of the most cost-effective tightening shafts available, and each model offers a tightening shaft in the range of 1-8000nm.

    The EBM-ACS series is a dedicated servo actuating control integrated shaft controller unit developed by Wivor Industrial Co., Ltd., and the EBM series tightening shaft unit together constitutes the EBM tightening system. The shaft controller has built-in tightening parameters to facilitate the implementation of various tightening schemes. Regular models provide 2% precision.

    EBM-ACS controller

    HMI software / optional WINDOWS HMI software

    EBM-S series tightening shaft

    • Can be equipped with Japanese motor or European and American motor
    • Support 1Nm-8000Nm, a variety of models are available
    • Support MODBUS, PROFIBUS and other communication protocols