Overview of Technical Support

Wivor Industries Canada has set up a China office and established a after-sales service center in cooperation with Guangzhou Wivor Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., responsiblefor the marketing, calibration services, customization services, OEM and ODM and after-sales services of all products, testers, automation equipment and related products of Wivor Industry. At the same time, we can design, install and debug schemes that meet the sepcial requirements according to customers. Wivor Industry is committed to serving China's mining, oil, transportation, aviation, power, industrial assembly and other industries. Provide customers with perfect assembly tool solutions to promote the development of enterprises. We always adhere to the principle of customer first and serve customers. At the same time, the company has a perfect after-sales service system, which can serve customers in all directions.

High quality comes from innovative design and accurate engineering production

The tools provided by Wivor Industries equip with the highest output power-weight ratio, and is the most cost-effective torque tools,, greatly saving time and production costs. Each Wivor Torque Tool is calibrated separately and complies with NIST standards to ensure accuracy and stability, and has several important product patents in this field.

Customer Service Center

Customer service is an important part of Wivor Industrial Camp. For this reason, Wivor Industrial China Office, together with Guangzhou Wivor Industrial Co., Ltd., has set up a customer service center, and established a fast, timely and high-quality one-stop service model. Every customer's needs will be highly valued in Wivor Industry. The reasonable opinions of customers will be recorded one by one and will be answered in the shortest time.

After-sales Maintenance Service Center

Wivor Industry also commissioned Guangzhou Wivor Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. to set up a maintenance service center, which has a complete set of original advanced testing instruments and the latest high-tech maintenance equipment imported directly from Canada,which provides more than 1000 kinds of original spare parts.All the technicians of Wivor Industry have received professional and technical training. They are able to follow the global standards to guarantee a best service for customer's tools, such as maintenance and inspection.

Product warranty service

The main products of Wivor Industry provide one-year warranty to all users within the scope of warranty, and three-year warranty for some of the models. For more details about product warranty, please contact the local distributor. All sales products are individually calibrated by the original factory and comply with NIST standards. Each product has a certificate or calibration certificate issued by the original factory under the metric system. The company guarantees that the materials, craftsmanship and use functions of the products sold under normal conditions are the original tools of the original factory, with high quality and high accuracy guarantee.

Rendo RAD Product Extension Service

Since Wivor Industry entered China in 2009, it had sold a large number of RAD series torque products. In order to better serve customers, Wivor Industry continues to support Guangzhou Wivor Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. from 2016 to provide all RAD products of old models in 2015 and beyond the warranty period. Guiding customers to change to new series products with better performance in time.

Precision calibration service and consultation

Wivor Industry provides users with tool moment calibration service, which ensures the correct and high-precision output of customer's moment tools, and provides professional consulting services to customers. Our engineering department can also customize reaction arm according to customer requirements to meet the special needs of customer industry.