Calibration and measurement

Our services in the field of testing and measurement technology are divided into two parts. On the one hand, we can provide equipment to measure the torque accurately when fastening bolts, so as to provide a reliable calibration environment for our products after they are manufactured and sold; on the other hand, we can provide reliable maintenance, test and set up measuring equipment and instruments for fastening bolt tools, which can browse product torque measuring instruments and torque measuring sleeves.

Reliable bolt tightening measuring instrument

Our testing equipment is certified by national metrology calibration agency and CNAS certification.

According to ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard

The content of quality management is to guide and control the coordinated activities of enterprises in process and procedure quality. Willingness and ability are very important here. They can respond flexibly, innovatively and quickly to changes and demands of customers and markets. According to ISO 9001 quality management system to meet these complex needs.

Compliance with CNAS calibration requirements

Through our management system, in China, we provide our customers with tools and equipment that meet the requirements of CNAS calibration. Each of our equipment can meet the CNAS certification and the certification of national statutory metrology verification agencies at or above the provincial level.

Achieving the measurement standard of ILAC-MRA

Our torque products can be certified by ILAC-MAR and meet international standards.

Achieve JJF 1059.1-2012 measurement standard

Through JJF 1059.1-2012, we ensure that the goals set out therein are met. It meets the quality requirements of production, assembly and construction projects, and can provide the certificate of national metrology institutions.

At the same time, we also meet various international conditions and obtain international certification, such as GOST-R (Russian conformity certificate) which is often necessary for machine import into Russia.